It Was Just A Sketch!


A few months ago I was just doing some nightly sketching. I primarily do all of my designing digitally and I thought it would be fun to go and do some “analog” art just to keep my passion fresh. So I began to draw/sketch something every night and then I would post it to my Instagram account. I wasn’t looking to post a master piece and my intentions were never to gain anything from this but to keep my design skills growing. I would draw things like animals, typography, whatever… It was fun! Then one night a friend of mine from Colorado asked to by a sketch I posted… “WHAT? Umm sure.” I didn’t even know what to charge. We got to talking and he began to tell me his vision he had for a new clothing line he was starting. It was so cool to hear his passion and vision to launch a brand of “positive” shirts that weren’t lame. So I sold him my sketch and that was that. I thought I would never hear back from him again about the artwork. Well he called me back and said the ball is really rolling and he needs some more designs and he needs them quick. So I shot over some of my other sketches and he picked those up too. The brand is just about to launch in stores across the country.

You are never overlooked. It was my passion to design and my love for God that opened the door for my art to be displayed. At the end of the day when you are wearing of the UNIT3.US shirts, I am not going to get the glory nor is the company… but God will get the glory. When I wear my shirt that says “Shine Your Light” people ask me what it means and I get to share the Gospel with them. If an Instagram post can bring glory to God, He will use it. Be faithful in the things you do, and bring glory to God. Whatever your passion is use it to reach people.


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